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Coinmen Consultants LLP is an independent accounting firm in India.


The company has provided over 100 customers worldwide with broad range services regarding accounting, taxation matter, and finance since 2010 and its team for supporting customers consists of 60 experienced professionals.

The category of industry of customers covers widely such as infrastructure and construction, electronics, non-bank financial institution, health and medical, automobile and so forth. The company renders services to customers in Japan, China, Australia, Thailand, UAE, USA and so on.

The fundamental policy of Coinmen Consultants LLP is to make an innovation on the accounting firm industry and to present the comprehensive consulting service with one-stop method to respond to various types of customer needs.

Corporate Office

A-22. 2nd Floor, Green Park Main, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi -  110016 INDIA

Tel: 91-11-4109-7300

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