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Japan-India Consulting
(Mori Tax Attorney Office  International Tax and Consulting Division)
​We have profound interactions between Japan and India. They say that Buddhism originated in India was conveyed to Japan around 6 AD. After 200 years since then. History teaches us that Vairocana Buddha was established in Todaiji Temple and the priest Bodhisena from India conducted a grand opening ceremony.
The religion and philosophy of India were brought to Japan with Buddhism, and the Indian civilization infiltlated deep into the Japanese civilization to the extent that Japanese have had faith in gods as protectors of Buddhism such as Sakra.
We are desirous of supporting entrepreneurs and business owners who want to cultivate new market in India such as deep connection with Japan and opened the office "Japan-India Consulting." 
​From ancient times, entrepreneurs had developed new mark with having dreams. Japan-India Consulting has a partnership with Coinmen Consultants LLP which is an accounting firm and consulting company and would support companies and individuals who are eager to promote their business focusing on Indian market.
​                                                            1 December 2018 
                                                                                                                    Tax Attorney    Yoshihiro Mori
Yoshihiro Mori
Tax Attorney 
Reg. No.: 139272
Please feel free to contact us any time by phone or email.
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